Target the Right Customers, at the Right Time, With the Right Message.

Are you an event planner or organizer? Are you a business that hosts events? If so, you’re already familiar with the unique challenges that come with generating awareness and driving registrations for your event.

Event advertising is different from other industries. Knowing how to target audiences at different stages of the marketing funnel, in different locations, and with a changing budget is crucial to a successful event advertising campaign.

Data Nerd Digital specializes in managing these challenges through paid media advertising. We utilize channels such as Google Ads, Meta Ads, TikTok Ads, and LinkedIn Ads, etc. to find your audience and showcase the message that is most likely to convert at any given time.

LinkedIn Ads mockup

We are Data Nerds

We are a gritty and reliable Chicago digital agency focused on paid social & paid search digital advertising. We’re digital story tellers who rely on data analysis to make our decisions. Our fundamental process is to make smart marketing assumptions, rigorously test them, optimize, and repeat. Clients love our digital marketing expertise and trust us to drive registrations to their events.

Case Study: How paid media data analysis increased registrations by 87%

Why Advertise Your Events With Us?

Our team of marketers have experience running paid media ads across all business types and sizes, but we have carved out a niche for event advertising. We have advertised over 150 events of all shapes and sizes from B2B conferences to 5K Turkey Trots. We have a knack for what it takes to run an efficient and profitable event campaign with paid media advertising. 

Data is the not-so-secret tool that we use to obtain results and achieve growth. We’ll structure your tests to ask questions like “what ad message is resonating the most with each audience?” or “which campaign optimization strategy results in the most registrations at the lowest cost?”. We’re BIG fans of making smart marketing assumptions and A/B testing the hell out of them. After we learn the outcome of the results, we optimize and test again and again.

Our Event Advertising Process

Goals & Strategy

We can’t do our job well unless we have a strong partnership with you. That’s why we team up to discuss your goals & what success looks like for you. Based on these goals, we’ll map out a measurement plan and campaign strategy.

Targeting & Messaging

Matching the correct message to the correct audience is crucial. First, we’ll work together on defining your audience. Next, our experienced copywriters will tailor your messages directly to the right audiences. We create multiple ad variants & A/B test which messaging performs best.

Timeline Map

Most events have an important timeline leading up to the event date(s). This presents unique challenges and opportunities as it relates to messaging & targeting capabilities throughout the campaign. This is where Data Nerd Digital thrives – we map together a campaign strategy that takes into account all price increases, promotions, announcements, etc.

Analysis & Optimization

Data analysis & optimization is a never-ending step in our process. We analyze your performance & collect minimal viable data. We use our findings to make continuous improvements on current and future events.