Microsoft Advertising with Data Nerd Digital

Microsoft Advertising

Target the Right Customers, at the Right Time, With the Right Message.

Bing is the 2nd largest search engine by market share and the number of searches. Although significantly smaller than Google, the Microsoft Ads platform has many of the same targeting capabilities. This gives paid search marketers an opportunity to scale what has worked in Google over to Microsoft Ads.

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We are Data Nerds

We are a gritty and reliable Midwestern digital marketing agency focused on paid social & paid search digital advertising. We’re digital story tellers who rely on data analysis to make our decisions. Our fundamental process is to make smart marketing assumptions, rigorously test them, optimize, and repeat. Clients love our digital marketing expertise and trust us to produce results. Rest easy knowing your new digital marketer is working as hard as you do.

Why Work With Us?

We got into digital marketing because we love to grow businesses. We quickly learned how important it is to collect good data and to use it to guide your decision making. If you choose Data Nerd Digital as your marketing partner, you can rest-assured knowing assumptions will be tested and decisions will be made on based on results.

Our Process

Goals & Strategy

We can’t do our job well unless we have a strong partnership with you. That’s why we team up to discuss your goals & what success looks like. Based on your goals, we’ll map out a measurement plan & campaign strategy.


When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one. We are experienced copywriters who know how to tailor your messaging directly to your audience. We create multiple ad variants & A/B test which messaging performs best.


Targeting the correct audience is crucial. That’s why it’s important to work together on defining your audience, we’ll send you a questionnaire to narrow your audience down. We’ll then create your audience testing strategy.

Analysis & Optimization

Data analysis & optimization is a never-ending step in our process. We analyze your performance & collect minimal viable data. We use our findings to make continuous improvements.