Paid Social Advertising with Data Nerd Digital

Mobile Advertising

Target the Right Customers, at the Right Time, With the Right Message.

Paid social is the advertising on social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest. There is immense opportunity for business growth by leveraging these channels due to the number of users and targeting capabilities. Today, people are spending more time on social than watching tv, and they are using it to connect with one another and to discover new products and services.

Each channel is unique and comes with a different user base and user intent. For example, females still dominate Pinterest and use it to discover products and generate ideas, while LinkedIn is for professionals to get ahead in their career. To the Data Nerds, each platform has its own targeting capabilities, ad formats, and reporting metrics.

While the different social platforms are unique in a lot of ways, they all have three things in common: unmatched targeting, visual ads, and a whole lot of data. At Data Nerd Digital, we develop a marketing strategy that leverages the unique characteristics of social channels in order to drive growth and crush goals.

Facebook Ad Example

We are Data Nerds

We are a gritty and reliable Midwestern digital marketing agency focused on paid social & paid search digital advertising. We’re digital story tellers who rely on data analysis to make our decisions. Our fundamental process is to make smart marketing assumptions, rigorously test them, optimize, and repeat. Clients love our digital marketing expertise and trust us to produce results. Rest easy knowing your new digital marketer is working as hard as you do.

Why Work With Us?

We got into digital marketing because we love growing businesses. It doesn’t matter if you’re a small business owner looking to introduce your brand to a new audience, or if you’re a large brand manager looking to reach KPIs and dominate the market – measurable growth is our goal. We are experts at achieving growth by using our favorite aspect of digital marketing to our advantage, data.

Data is the not-so-secret tool that we use to get results and achieve growth. We’ll structure your tests to ask questions like “what ad message is resonating the most with each audience?” or “which campaign optimization strategy results in the most conversions at the lowest cost?” We’re BIG fans of making smart marketing assumptions and A/B testing the hell out of them. After we learn the outcome of the test, we optimize, test again, and again.

At the end of the day, paid social channels are just avenues to reach your audience with a message intended for a specific goal or outcome. Finding success in this crowded space will come down to great, fundamental marketing. At Data Nerd Digital, we’re experienced marketers who know how to deliver your message to the right audience at the right time. We have put in the work to learn the ins and outs of paid social channels in order to help our clients achieve their marketing goals and grow their businesses.

Our Process

Goals & Strategy

We can’t do our job well unless we have a strong partnership with you. That’s why we team up to discuss your goals & what success looks like. Based on your goals, we’ll map out a measurement plan & campaign strategy.


When you try to speak to everyone, you speak to no one. We are experienced copywriters who know how to tailor your messaging directly to your audience. We create multiple ad variants & A/B test which messaging performs best.


Targeting the correct audience is crucial. That’s why it’s important to work together on defining your audience, we’ll send you a questionnaire to narrow your audience down. We’ll then create your audience testing strategy.

Analysis & Optimization

Data analysis & optimization is a never-ending step in our process. We analyze your performance & collect minimal viable data. We use our findings to make continuous improvements.